We book workshops, performances, and residencies year round. Our workshops include a wide variety of strategies for linking dance and mathematics in the classroom, in the dance studio, and on stage. We make use of mathematics content designed for all age and grade levels, from K to college, and the dance material we use is appropriate for non-dancers as well as those with dance background. Please contact us at the email addresses for Karl Schaffer or Erik Stern at the bottom of this page, or at (831) 480-5114 (Karl) or (801) 626-6615 (Erik).

Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern are also part of the Touring Artists Roster of the  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Center's Partners in Education program, which brings artists to major arts centers to do arts education workshops for educators. We often do teacher development workshops around the country on integrating math and dance in the classroom through this program.

Recent workshops have been given in nationally and internationally; see our home page for upcoming classes, workshops and performances. Email us for more information.

For information on the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble, and other performances by Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern, see Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern home page.

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