Information and background on

The Daughters of Hypatia
Circles of Mathematical Women

A dance concert celebrating women mathematicians throughout history and their struggles to create groundbreaking mathematics.

Performance at De Anza College, April 30, 2015 at 1:30 PM - news release and background

A one page response form with questions for students to answer demonstrating that they attended the concert and asking for thoughtful responses; please use for attendance credit or extra credit.

A two page discussion question form for written response or class discussion dealing with issues related to historical discrimination in mathematics.

Audience responses to Hypatia

Two page tri-fold flyer - 2014 (10 Mb,)

Facebook page for April 30, 2015 De Anza College Performance - invite your friends!

Small color flyer for Apr. 30, 2015 at De Anza College (1.5 Mb)
Small color flyer for Apr. 30, 2015 at De Anza College - low resolution (269 Kb)
Small grayscale flyer for Apr. 30, 2015 at De Anza College

Photos by Steve DiBartolomeo

April, 2015 pre-publication draft of Hypatia study guide, 6.4 Mb. (This version for use by De Anza College classes). Contact Karl Schaffer directly for a copy.

Web sites for the dance company: web site
MoveSpeakSpin / Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble web site

The April 30, 2015 performance is sponsored and funded by the De Anza College
Developmental and Readiness Education Taskforce (DARE)
Women's History Events and DASB
Institute of Community and Civic Engagement (ICCE)
Mathematics Department